Timiș family, Cris-Tim Group owners, has donated 300,000 euros at the “Romanians United” telethon, seeking to equip ICU sections with medical devices and equipment.

One of Cris-Tim Group core values have been since the beginning our care for people. Thus, we are proud to get involved together with Always at Your Side Foundation in the initiative to equip ICU sections throughout the country with medical devices and equipment. Cristina Timiș, Cris-Tim Group Vice-president, announced at “Romanians United” telethon a 300,000 euro donation to support this cause.

This initiative had remarkable results.

Tens of thousands of protective equipment are on their way to Suceava County Hospitals (48,000 masks), the region most severely affected by COVID-19, Deva (25,000 masks) and Botosani (25,000 masks). The Always at Your Side Foundation will distribute shortly over 350,000 masks, 250,000 gowns and 20,000 overalls to hospitals in urgent need of support.

A purchase of 60 ventilation devices for serious COVID-19 cases has been initiated, with devices that can be used for both adults and children, as well as two fully equipped ICU stations. One of the two fully equipped ICU stations will be delivered to Craiova Infectious Diseases Hospital, and the second one to Timisoara Emergency Hospital. These station components, such as the advanced and comprehensive medical devices as well as a multifunctional bed and ventilators have already been sent to the two hospitals.

We, Cris-Tim Group, are a Romanian company with a more than 25 year tradition and we will keep on helping Romanians in these trouble times. We strongly believe that solidarity and compassion are two key elements we should all show as simple human beings, companies or other institutions, in order to help each other and fight together in overcoming these complex times.

We would like to thank all our consumers and trusted partners for their trust and we keep encourage them to make this type of gestures. We would like to also thank Oscar Downstream, Lidl, Catena Pharmacy, Coca-Cola, Dedeman and everyone who got involved in this initiative.

We are stronger together!