About us

We have been innovating for over 25 years. And this is just the beginning.

Cris-Tim is one of the most renowned companies on the Romanian market of cold meats; its core values are: care for people, responsibility, innovation, tradition and high quality. We offer a diverse, safe and fresh range of food products.

This is how we have built Cris-Tim. We are proud of our close relationship with our customers and we are determined to continue to be close to them and our partners, to build the future we want together.


Cris-Tim started in the family. And we have continued the same way, enlarging our family little by little. Here are some of those who have chosen to develop with us.




The beginning | At the beginning, Cris-Tim consisted of a handful of people, some products and many expectations. Believe it or not, our small family business started in 1992, in a small kiosk of only 12 square meters.


First factory | Our business grows like in a fairy tale and the small kiosk is replaced in just two years by a fully-fledged factory. Now we have more employees, more space, but the same care and patience as before.


A national network | Our plans barely keep up with reality. In 1997, we expanded our distribution network and realized that enthusiasm is indeed the most powerful engine. From now on, we can easily reach Romanians from all over the country.


Year of innovation | In 2011, we introduced high pressure processing technology for the first time in Romania: a 100% natural preservation technique, which preserves the nutritional properties of the products.


We keep on reinventing ourselves | More customers mean more tastes to satisfy. So we get to work and launch new types of products, from raw-dried salami to smoked specialties or new cold meats, for a healthier lifestyle.


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