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Cris-Tim dairy products are prepared at EcoFerm, one of the most modern farms in Romania, which includes a vegetable farm, an animal farm and a production plant.
EcoFerm combines the natural benefits with cutting edge technology in order to provide high quality products.
Cris-Tim dairy products are produced in an integrated farm, where 100% of the processes are controlled, from the production of the feed up to the dairy products displayed on shelves.
The quality of all our products is due to the careful monitoring of our cows’ nutrition, for which we only use feed cultivated in our own field. Based on their diet, our specialists have the perfect recipe for each cow. To give the most delicious milk not a day goes by without our cows going to their favourite spa: modern stables with classical music, massage devices, showers, rest mattresses and automatic ventilation system.
All Cris-Tim dairy products are made only with the milk from our production. Nothing more!