Bureau veritas awards the safeguard certification to Cris-Tim

Cris-Tim Group, processed meat producer with “Cris-Tim”, “Matache Măcelaru”, „Obrăjori”, “Alpinia” and “Bunătăți” brands has been awarded this week the SafeGuard Certification after the audit performed by Bureau Veritas experts on four sites where the Groups carries its activity.
With a high volume sales and a strong reputation in the industry, Cris-Tim Group has proven once more its successful approaches for the potential risk in the current COVID-19 pandemics.
Bureau Veritas, global leader in testing, inspection and certification has certified that in the 4 audited sites, Cris-Tim 2 Prodcom, Recunoștința, Ecoferm and Impex Cris-Tim, all safety rules and hygiene protocols have been met. Thus, our suppliers, partners, consumers and clients have been reassured once more that all applicable national and international rules have been implemented and followed.
Teams of doctors and epidemiologists of world reputation contributed to the creation of the SafeGuard standard. The label thus designed certifies all the risks specific to the places where people live and work are properly addressed, and that teams are trained and verified regarding good practices and appropriate protective measures.
Cristina Licu, Cris-Tim Quality Director, states: As a market leader we were in need for a partner with international know-how and a well-developed infrastructure in order to meet our industry requirements. We assessed different options and suppliers and we acknowledged Bureau Veritas to be the best choice. This certification confirms that all preventive measures against COVID-19 spreading have been implemented throughout the sites, in the processing plants and food product warehouses; moreover it certifies that all our employees have been informed and notified about the fully implemented preventive measures and it reassures once more our clients and consumers showing them our commitment to full safety and our professionalism.
“We are proud of the partnership signed with the companies within Cris-Tim Group in their proactive effort to make a difference on the market for their clients and employees. The sites audited for SafeGuard certification have comprehensive safety measures, which have been supplemented by the measures adopted against the pandemics, namely sanitation equipment meant to ensure health safety in all spaces and surfaces down to the last detail. Our approach towards health safety consists of special methods such as: the use of ozone generators and ultraviolet lamps, famous for their effectiveness against viruses and bacteria, but also through our partnership with specialized third party companies that ensure the disinfection of the premises according to a high frequency schedule. To ensure Cris-Tim team’s health safety and security we have provided full work equipment and a safety work and transport environment. Striving to adapt to the current crisis, we have developed the SafeGuard Label especially to certify the fact that all corresponding safety standards are being met and that training and cleaning protocols have been correctly implemented to allow every company and retailer to keep on operating safely.”, said Laura Besnea, Bureau Veritas Romania auditor.
Bureau Veritas Group built its strong reputation on conscientiousness and technical know-how, on values such as ethics and integrity, impartiality, customer focus and work place safety. Bureau Veritas created this standard together with teams of doctors and epidemiologists of world reputation. This certification is a proof that in the audited sites the safety standards and the appropriate hygiene protocols have been met.
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