Cris-Tim Groups joins the campaign organized by “Appreciate Life”

Cris-Tim Groups joins the campaign organized by “Appreciate Life” Foundation and donates food products to people in quarantine in the Coronavirus context.

Ever since Cris-Tim Group was founded, we have been taking care of people. Therefore we decided to get involved, together with Andreea Marin and the “Appreciate Life” Foundation, by donating food products to people in high risk category of getting infected with COVID-19 virus and whose life might be endangered these days.

● On Thursday, March 18, we made a donation to the “Appreciate Life” Foundation that consisted of more than 2800 Ready Meal products (i.e. eggplant spreading, meatballs, Serbian Pilaf), 5600 Cris-Tim Clean Label cold cuts packages (fillet, salami and sausages) and more than 2400 Mugura dairy products (yogurt, cream and milk). These products have been transported to the Foundation in high safety conditions with specially sanitized vehicles, from our own fleet. Drivers have in turn been provided with gloves and masks during this procedure.

Since the begging of this crisis situation, at Cris-Tim Group we have formed an internal team responsible for the protection and preventive measures against COVID-19. Even before COVID-19, our company’s founder has been focused on investing in innovating technologies meant to completely ensure Cris-Tim products manufacturing processes in terms of food safety and quality so that they will always have an exceptional quality.

At Cris-Tim production plants, the work environment has always been equipped with ozone stations, substance that ensures our products are manufactured in fresh air, similar to the mountain conditions, by destroying microbes and virus. Therefore, our manufacturing processes within the Group companies are continuously being performed in full safety, which also allows us to ensure product deliveries and to support those in need.
At the end of the technology flow at Cris-Tim, we have included an additional safety level by using a modern sanitation system with ultraviolet lamps installed on the packaging line. By using ozone and ultraviolet light we manage to neutralise pathogenic microorganisms and to successfully replace the use of chemicals in the sanitation process.

Cris-Tim Group would also like to congratulate AquaVia, Top Line Romania, Olympus, Avon Romania, Starbucks and Secom Romania for their participation in this cause.
We are stronger together!

In order to keep on supporting the “Appreciate Life” Foundation, we encourage the donation for purchasing supplies, equipment and products needed by vulnerable people, doctors, medical staff in the front line and medical facilities/nursing facilities for sick and elderly people.
SMS donations: 2 euros donation by sending an SMS to 8825, toll free, in Digi Mobil, Vodafone, Telekom Romania Mobile, Orange networks.

Wire transfer donations:
RON account: RO29BRDE445SV95792894450 USD account: RO72BRDE445SV95793004450 EUR account: RO63BRDE445SV95793184450
Beneficiary: “Appreciate Life” Foundation
Bank: BRD Dorobanti