Sausages –

Csárdás product portfolio aims to bring authentic Hungarian taste into high quality products, both as ingredients used in the original recipes and as a unique flavor. High meat content, no organ use, no sodium monoglutamate, these are the main attributes of Csárdás products.

Spicy Paprika Sausages Vacuum-packed (2Pcs)

Weight: vacuum-packed.
Storage conditions: 5-8°C

A raw-cured pork sausage with a touch of hot paprika, pepper and cumin, smoked with natural beech wood smoke, aged for 20 days, in a natural casing, without monosodium glutamate

 ‘Ardelenești’ Sausages Gastro

Weight: bulk.
Storage conditions: 5-8°C

A raw smoked sausage of the highest quality, made of fresh pork meat, with natural spices, garlic, pepper, and a little paprika, with medium structure, filled in natural membrane, cured and smoked with cold smoke from natural beech wood, cured 6 days