For millions of Romanians, Cris-Tim means quality and freshness, the tradition of good taste and respect for everything that is a tasty and nourishing meal. Our mission is to give you all the time we have the best and to constantly innovate.

We invite you to discover our diverse portfolio and convince yourself that the place we occupy in the hearts and minds of Romanians is well deserved.


Our fresh and tasty cold cuts are prepared in the Reconoștința Factory, in Filipeștii de Pădure, Prahova County. 900 employees are working in the 15,000 sqm Recunoștința Factory, the most important investment in the area and one of the most modern cold cuts factories in Romania. The production capacity is 150 tons/day and our equipment complies with all EU standards. We also have a research laboratory equipped with the most advanced equipment.


Our food helps Romanians save time and enjoy the taste of the meals prepared “at home”. The Ready Meal section is an important extension of our Group. Many of our customers want to spend more time with their loved ones or for other important things; thus, our offer has found a natural place on the market.

Our products are now found in most hypermarkets or supermarkets in the country.


Mugura is Cris-Tim’s dairy brand. Mugura dairy products delight the consumers with the most natural products, made from delicious, top quality milk. Complex, milk-based foods are an important, healthy source of calcium and good fats for the organism.
For a balanced diet, Mugura offers a wide range of fresh or fermented dairy products. We are vouching for the consumer’s safety with our continuous care and continuous development of new products.

The Mugura range includes:
• Sour milk • Drinking sour milk • Fruit yoghurt • Yoghurt • Drinking Yoghurt • Greek yoghurt • Cultured soured milk • Sour Cream