We have invested heavily in innovative technologies from the beginning, so that we can guarantee the outstanding quality. This requires time and resources, but above all dedication and respect for all our customers. High Pressure Processing Technology (HPP) is the newest and most natural method to preserve freshness. It uses cold water applied with a pressure of 6,000 bar, for 3 minutes, over the packaged products and allows us to permanently remove gluten and starch from the recipe.

Also, our environment is enriched with ozone generators, so we can prepare the products in fresh air as in the mountains, destroying microbes and viruses in the air. Finally, the safety is increased with a modern ultraviolet system, applied on the packaging line.

Innovation in our factories

High Pressure Processing Technology (HPP) is unique in Romania, but this is just one of the many dozens of state-of-the-art technologies we use in our factories.

Production Process

We like to enjoy delicious meals without putting too much effort in the cooking process, because we prefer to spend that time with the loved ones. That is why the Bunătăți range offered by Cris-Tim brings to our tables very carefully prepared food, based on traditional local, but also international recipes, for fasting or for vegetarians.

Clean Label

Because we know you only want what’s best for your family, we launched the Clean Label, for cold meats without Monosodium Glutamate (MSG), soy, gluten and starch. It is a process of continuous improvement of our products.