Cris-Tim Group, one of the biggest companies activating in the agribusiness sector in Romania, was founded more than 30 years ago by two Romanian entrepreneurs, Cristina and Radu Timiș.

Started as a small business, Cris-Tim continues to be a family company that has become, over the years, the undisputed leader of the Romanian Processed Meat Market with “Cris-Tim”, “Matache Măcelaru’”, “Csardas” and “Alpinia” brands and the top player on the Ready Meals Market with the “Bunatați” brand. In 2012, the company launched the dairy brand “Mugura” following an integrated business model, from farm to table.
The care for the people, the responsibility, the innovation and the high quality have defined Cris-Tim since the beginning. We continue to keep our promise so we continuously focusing on manufacturing safe and healthy products, based on the best quality ingredients.
Cris-Tim’s vision for the coming years is to become one of the most important regional players in the food industry. Being in a leadership position, we continue to innovate in order to bring well-being to the life of the modern consumers and offer them the best products that meet their needs. We have been investing and innovating for over 30 years and we are just at the beginning.

At the beginning, Cris-Tim consisted of a handful of people, some products and many expectations. Our small family business started in 1992, in a small kiosk of only 12 square meters.

We opened our first cold meats factory, with a daily capacity of 2 tons.

We built a new factory and increased the daily capacity to 20 tons/day.

We opened the meat carving section in Filipeștii de Pădure.

We also opened the first production unit of the Recunoștința Factory, with a capacity of 40 tons/day.

Year of the most sold and appreciated salami in Romania: Salam Săsesc.

We opened the first logistics warehouse in the country, in Iași.

We expanded our portfolio with the new range of raw-dried products.

We opened the first Ready Meal production unit in Bucharest, under the brand Bunătăţi.

We finalized the Recunoștința project, by adding two new factories for the production of smoked salami, ham and meat specialties.

We opened the logistics warehouses in Cluj and Mogoșoaia.

We launched three innovative packages: Fresh Box, Ideal Pack and Safe Pack.

We opened the sixth logistics warehouse in the country, in Galați.

We opened two more logistics warehouses in the country, in Constanța and Brașov.

We opened the ninth logistics warehouse, in Filipeștii de Pădure.

We implemented the High Pressure Processing Technology (HPP) for the first time in Romania, a 100% natural food preservation process.

We are proud to announce one of the most important acquisitions of the Cris-Tim Group, the Matache Măcelaru’ brand.

We introduced the first range of cold meats without food additives and other preservatives, Vitality.

We launched the first range of dairy products, Mugura.

We launched the new range of sliced ​​cold meats, Cris-Tim and Matache Măcelaru’ and inaugurated a new packaging line.

We built the “Salam de Sibiu” section in Filipeștii de Pădure and increased the production capacity of the raw-dried product section.

We opened the second Ready Meal production unit in Filipeștii de Pădure: barbecue and bechamel range.

We launched the “Clean label” campaign. As of this year, Cris-Tim products no longer contain carrageenan, in order to achieve the highest quality standards.