Stores &

Our store chain has been developed so that all buyers can visit us at home. Each location was carefully chosen, as well as the product offer for our customers.

All those who walk through our door will find Cris-Tim quality products in our shop windows, at factory prices.

Local partners

Cris-Tim products reach into every corner of the country through convenience stores. With over 9,000 points of sale, Romanians can enjoy the taste they have become accustomed to and have loved for so long.

National partners

The percentage of Romanians who shop in supermarkets and hypermarkets has increased in recent years and because we want to be next to them, we have concluded partnerships with all the important retail networks in Romania.

Cash & Carry

Cash & Carry points are ideal for small entrepreneurs who want to buy our products at affordable prices. We are present in 16 locations.


Our products have been present on the European market since 2009, being appreciated by both Romanians established abroad and foreigners who have discovered the taste and quality of Romanian cold meats. We are currently exporting to 16 countries in the European Union and we intend to extend our offer outside the EU.


Today we can boast about one of the most impressive and efficient national distribution networks in Romania, with 10 logistics centers strategically placed to transport products in all areas of the country. The warehouses use modern systems for monitoring and transmitting orders, in order to optimize the product delivery times.

Vehicle fleet

We are among the first producers of cold meats to acknowledge the need for a well-developed system of product transport and delivery. Our fleet includes more than 500 vehicles. Cold meats are transported under strictly controlled hygienic and sanitary conditions, from the moment they leave the production line until they reach the warehouses of the partner stores.