Cris-Tim Group is based on some important values: care for people, responsibility, innovation, tradition and high quality. We offer a diverse range of food products, as well as business opportunities.

We are proud of our close relationship with our customers and we are determined to continue to be close to them and our partners, to build the future we want together.

Cold cuts

Our fresh and tasty cold cuts are prepared in the Reconoștința Factory, in Filipeștii de Pădure, Prahova County. 900 employees are working in the 15,000 sqm Recunoștința Factory, the most important investment in the area and one of the most modern cold cuts factories in Romania. The production capacity is 150 tons/day and our equipment complies with all EU standards. We also have a research laboratory equipped with the most advanced equipment.

We know that natural resources are extremely valuable. Therefore, we invested in a water treatment plant and concluded a partnership with Genesis Biopartner for the supply of industrial steam from renewable sources.

Dairy products

From the planting fields to growing our own dairy cattle, these products end up on the Romanian tables directly from the “Mugura” dairy factory. The factory has a capacity of up to 15,000 liters of milk per day and is equipped with modern equipment, according to the quality and hygiene standards.

The high quality of milk is guaranteed, since it only comes from the farm cows, fed with fodder produced by us.

The Mugura range includes:
• Sour milk • Drinking sour milk • Fruit yoghurt • Yoghurt • Drinking Yoghurt • Greek yoghurt • Cultured soured milk • Sour Cream

Ready Meal

Our food helps Romanians save time and enjoy the taste of the meals prepared “at home”. The Ready Meal section is an important extension of our Group. Many of our customers want to spend more time with their loved ones or for other important things; thus, our offer has found a natural place on the market.

Our products are now found in most hypermarkets or supermarkets in the country.

Stores and distribution

Our store chain has been developed so that all buyers can visit us at home. Each location was carefully chosen, as well as the product offer for our customers.

All those who walk through our door will find Cris-Tim quality products in our shop windows, at factory prices.


Surrounded by the green and serene hills of Boldești Scăieni, Prahova County, in a fertile and pollution-free area, EcoFerm is one of the most modern farms in Romania.

The farm currently has 500 cows of the Montbeliarde breed, known for the quality and taste of their milk. The fodder is produced entirely on the farm, all the fields are in the process of eco certification and they have been fertilized only with natural fertilizer during the last 4 years.

Vineyard, wine & hospitality

Ceptura Vineyard
The vineyard was planted in 2010 in Ceptura, an area with strong winemaking tradition. Here is the best soil for Fetească Neagră, from which a wine with black currants flavor is obtained. The vineyard also includes two other known Romanian varieties, Tămâioasă Românească and Fetească Albă.

Casa Timiș
The uniqueness of the microclimate offered in this region similar to Bordeaux and Tuscany combined with the refined cuisine that celebrates local and seasonal ingredients, the comfort offered by the modern facilities and entertainment areas and the passion invested in this project make Casa Timiș a true wine-making resort. Here you can find a universe of multi-sensorial experiences that can and will definately surpass any expectation. It is a true representative of the Romanian Hospitality.

Civil and industrial buildings

A building is not a wall, it is a complex architecture that also implies exact science and creativity. It has a well-defined purpose and functions, but also a soul. As Cris-Tim developed, large and complex projects were brought together under the umbrella of Sensconstruct Company:

  • Recunoștința Factory in Filipeștii de Pădure
  • Company headquarters in Bucharest, Bd. Bucureștii Noi
  • Central warehouse in Mogoșoaia and the other warehouses in the country
  • EcoFerm dairy factory, dairy cattle silos and stable.